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a person who plays cards.
a painting (1892) by Paul Cézanne.
Historical Examples

As Buck appeared in the doorway, blinking a little at the lamp-light, the five card-players stared at him in astonishment.
Shoe-Bar Stratton Joseph Bushnell Ames

The card-players have plunged suddenly in medias res of bargaining.
Camps, Quarters and Casual Places Archibald Forbes

The card-players watched the sarabande through the dusty atmosphere by the uneven light of the smoking lamps.
Autumn Glory Ren Bazin

The card-players sat in the recess; the lovers were outside.
Love and Lucy Maurice Henry Hewlett

Calling to the card-players, who had resumed their game, I said, ‘See to that man with the paper.’
Miss Ravenel’s conversion from secession to loyalty J. W. de Forest

card-players Fighting, is in every respect one of his best pictures.
Six Centuries of Painting Randall Davies

“And these, in twelve months’ time, will have been divided among the card-players of the metropolis,” said Quaverdale.
Mr. Scarborough’s Family Anthony Trollope

When he was out of hearing of the card-players Maurice stood still.
The Call of the Blood Robert Smythe Hichens

The card-players stopped to listen, but Mr. Sam was still staring at something on the floor.
Where There’s A Will Mary Roberts Rinehart

They are rather noisy; but the card-players take no heed of them.
Wanderings in India John Lang


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