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Cardiac infarction

cardiac infarction

cardiac infarction n.
See myocardial infarction.


Read Also:

  • Cardiac jelly

    cardiac jelly cardiac jelly n. The gelatinous noncellular material between the endothelial lining and the myocardial layer of the heart in very young embryos, later serving as a substratum for cardiac mesenchyme.

  • Cardiac-massage

    rhythmic manual compression of the sternum or heart to restore normal heartbeat, as after cardiac arrest. cardiac massage n. A resuscitative procedure that employs the rhythmic compression of the chest and heart in an effort to restore and maintain the circulation after cardiac arrest or ventricular fibrillation. Also called heart massage.

  • Cardiac murmur

    cardiac murmur cardiac murmur n. A murmur produced within the heart.

  • Cardiac-muscle

    a specialized form of striated muscle occurring in the hearts of vertebrates. the myocardium. cardiac muscle n. The muscle of the heart, consisting of anastomosing transversely striated muscle fibers formed of cells united at intercalated disks; the myocardium. Also called muscle of heart.

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