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a seaport in South Glamorgan, in SE Wales.
Contemporary Examples

“It is never going to come to court,” Frank Cranmer a researcher on law and religion at the Cardiff Law School, told me.
Britain Puts Mormonism on Trial Naomi Zeveloff February 7, 2014

I grew up in Cardiff, Wales, where the Jewish community, as in most British cities is relatively healthy but extremely small.
Can the Holocaust be Funny? Tom Doran April 5, 2013

It came half way through a long day of fairly mediocre fare at a theatre in Cardiff, Wales.
How Susan Boyle’s Rival Won Me Over Piers Morgan April 21, 2009

The latest portrait of the Queen was unveiled at the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff yesterday painted by artist Dan Llywelyn Hall.
Another New and Hideous Portrait of The Queen Tom Sykes May 1, 2013

Stephens, a sociologist at Cardiff University, has spent years studying the development of “cultured” meat.
Can Vegetarians Eat In-Vitro Meat? The Debate Rages. Nico Hines August 6, 2013

Historical Examples

Stripped of its filmy housings, naked, muscular and comely, the majestic Cardiff Giant loomed above me!
Sketches New and Old, Complete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

Cardiff and Swansea are ports connected with the coal and iron trade.
Commercial Geography Jacques W. Redway

Cardiff as a village antedates the Conquest, but as a metropolis of two hundred thousand, it is quite recent.
In Unfamiliar England Thomas Dowler Murphy

But in truth it was not Cardiff from which he fled, but her own restless spirit.
The White Rose of Langley Emily Sarah Holt

Left Cardiff about six in the morning, and reached Newport about ten, where many came from Pontypool and other parts to hear me.
The Life of the Rev. George Whitefield, Volume I (of 2) Luke Tyerman

the capital of Wales, situated in the southeast, in Cardiff county borough: formerly an important port; seat of the Welsh assembly (1999); university (1883). Pop: 292 150 (2001)
a county borough in SE Wales, created in 1996 from part of South Glamorgan. Pop: 315 100 (2003 est). Area: 139 sq km (54 sq miles)


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