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a North American plant, Lobelia cardinalis, with showy red tubular flowers in an elongated cluster.
Historical Examples

Lobelia cardinalis (cardinal-flower), apparently common, but out of bloom August, 1857.
The Maine Woods Henry David Thoreau

But when vivid color is wanted, what can surpass or equal our cardinal-flower?
Riverby John Burroughs

It was a likely place for the cardinal-flower, but I could not find any.
Riverby John Burroughs

Shall we measure all the out-of-doors by the linnet’s song, the cardinal-flower’s flame, and the hay-field’s odor?
Wild Life Near Home Dallas Lore Sharp

The Western cardinal-flower quite closely resembles L. cardinalis of the East, differing from it in a few minor points only.
The Wild Flowers of California: Their Names, Haunts, and Habits Mary Elizabeth Parsons

Farther north, the cardinal-flower seems to fail, and the monarda takes its place, growing in similar localities.
Riverby John Burroughs

In the afternoon they all plunged into the lake, Eva swimming like a cardinal-flower afloat.
Lippincott’s Magazine, August, 1885 Various

a campanulaceous plant, Lobelia cardinalis of E North America, that has brilliant scarlet, pink, or white flowers


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