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cardiokymogram car·di·o·ky·mo·gram (kär’dē-ō-kī’mə-grām’)
A tracing of the changes in the size of the heart made by a cardiokymograph.


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  • Cardiokymograph

    cardiokymograph cardiokymograph car·di·o·ky·mo·graph (kär’dē-ō-kī’mə-grāf’) n. A noninvasive device, placed on the chest, capable of recording motion made by the anterior left ventricle segmental wall of the heart.

  • Cardiolipin

    a lipid purified from bovine heart and used as an antigen for reacting with reagin, the Wassermann antibody, in the Wassermann diagnostic test for syphilis.

  • Cardiolith

    cardiolith cardiolith car·di·o·lith (kär’dē-ə-lĭth’) n. A concretion in the heart, or an area of calcareous degeneration in its walls or valves.

  • Cardiology

    the study of the heart and its functions in health and disease. Contemporary Examples She was transported to the cardiology Centre in Frankfurt, where she escaped through an open bathroom window. Mother of Los Angeles’ Alleged Arsonist Had a Wild Life Christine Pelisek January 13, 2012 Journal of the American College of cardiology, 46(6):986-93. Can […]

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