paper stock stiff enough for the printing of business cards and similar uses.

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  • Card surfing

    noun (slang) a form of cash-card fraud in which one person watches another using a cash dispenser, notes his or her personal identification number, and, after an accomplice has stolen the card, uses the card to withdraw cash

  • Card-table

    a small, light table, usually with folding legs, used mainly for card games. Historical Examples And an hour after midnight Clodagh rose from the card-table, a loser to the extent of over forty pounds. The Gambler Katherine Cecil Thurston The Captain arranged the card-table, whilst Fritz removed the tea-things. Major Frank A. L. G. Bosboom-Toussaint […]

  • Card tart

    noun (informal) a credit-card holder who continually changes providers, transferring his or her balance to another provider whenever the agreed period of low interest on the prior loan is about to expire

  • Card vote

    noun (Brit) a vote by delegates, esp at a trade-union conference, in which each delegate’s vote counts as a vote by all his constituents

  • Card walloper

    card walloper jargon An EDP programmer who grinds out batch programs that do things like print people’s paychecks. Compare code grinder. See also punched card, eighty-column mind. [Jargon File] (2003-09-20)

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