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without anxiety or worry.
requiring little care:
carefree fabrics.
Contemporary Examples

We went to take our leave and for 20 minutes for some reason, he was, a word you never hear about Nixon, he was carefree.
David Frost on Frost/Nixon The Daily Beast December 5, 2008

Her jauntiness and carefree attitude appeals to him; the negative side is her carelessness.
The Forgotten Genius of Ring Lardner Allen Barra August 31, 2013

Prince may have pranced around like a carefree libertine onstage, but in rehearsal he was more drill sergeant than sprite.
Speed Read: The Juiciest Bits From the History of ‘Purple Rain’ Jennie Yabroff December 31, 2014

Still, even a show as carefree as Buckwild has sobering moments.
Who Was Shain Gandee, the MTV ‘Buckwild’ Star Found Dead? Anna Klassen April 1, 2013

He was cleverer than most everyone else, but he envied the carefree affluence of the rich and fatuous.
The Magazine King Harold Evans April 30, 2010

Historical Examples

But then they would go to sleep again, with the carefree innocence of children, with no suspicions, and without alarm.
Mayflower (Flor de mayo) Vicente Blasco Ibez

Then Beatrice cited how carefree Jill Briggs was with her four children.
The Gorgeous Girl Nalbro Bartley

He is prudent and sacrifices the immediate petty delights to the advantage of a carefree age.
Criminal Psychology Hans Gross

They were happy and carefree, seemingly without a worry in their lives.
Wanted–7 Fearless Engineers! Warner Van Lorne

It was what might be expected—a gay, carefree holiday crowd.
Man of Many Minds E. Everett Evans

without worry or responsibility


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