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a person who is in charge of the maintenance of a building, estate, etc.; superintendent.
a person or group that temporarily performs the duties of an office.
British. a janitor.
a person who takes care of another.
involving the temporary performance of the duties of an office:
a caretaker government.
Contemporary Examples

Papademos was appointed as caretaker of Greece in November when his predecessor, George Papandreou, resigned under pressure.
Greece’s Elections in May Will Not Solve the Country’s Many Crises Nor Heal Disunity Barbie Latza Nadeau April 13, 2012

Hamdallah is now caretaker prime minister—and “caretaker” seems like an appropriate term for his position.
As Peace Talks Progress, Palestinian Authority’s Popularity Plummets Maysoon Zayid August 29, 2013

She currently splits her time between her career and being a caretaker for her brother, a recent quadriplegic.
Confessions of a Porn MILF Aurora Snow August 8, 2010

The Wafa news agency reported Abbas had asked Fayyad to stay on as caretaker until a new government was formed.
Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad Resigns Justin Green April 12, 2013

The reason then was that the caretaker appointment would be the 60th vote in the Senate for health-care reform.
If Kerry Goes to State, Who Will Succeed Him? The Guessing Begins David Freedlander December 14, 2012

Historical Examples

One day the caretaker went for him as usual, and found him lying dead, stretched across the grave.
Our Little Scotch Cousin Blanche McManus

This caretaker was a man, but with all the housekeeping ability of a woman.
Quaint Courtships Various

The caretaker told me they call it the ‘Cradle of Liberty,’ here; and I don’t wonder.
The Sunbridge Girls at Six Star Ranch Eleanor H. (Eleanor Hodgman) Porter

He went to the factory, demanded his children, and assaulted the caretaker.
Adventures and Recollections Bill o’th’ Hoylus End

She crossed, and rang the bell, on the chance that some caretaker might be within; but no one answered.
The Whirlpool George Gissing

a person who is in charge of a place or thing, esp in the owner’s absence: the caretaker of a school
(modifier) holding office temporarily; interim: a caretaker government
(social welfare) a person who takes care of a vulnerable person, often a close relative See also carer


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