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Thomas, 1598?–1639? English poet.
a male given name.
Historical Examples

Happy to meet you again, Mr. Carew; I trust you don’t forget me.’
Sir Jasper Carew Charles James Lever

Captain Carew put his hand in his pocket, and shook his head.
An Australian Lassie Lilian Turner

Carew’s experiences on Trinidad produced an ineffaceable impression on his mind.
A Desperate Voyage Edward Frederick Knight

Carew smiled too, but he rose from his seat and moved away on some small pretence.
The Rhodesian Gertrude Page

Mrs. Carew’s active malice could invent but one sting for the heart of her step-daughter at so short a notice.
Kathleen’s Diamonds Mrs. Alex. McVeigh Miller

To any other man the steadiness of Carew’s eyes might have been disconcerting.
The Rhodesian Gertrude Page

Carew lacks the dewy freshness, the unstudied grace of Herrick.
A History of English Literature George Saintsbury

This acknowledgment, I trust, will save me from any charge of overvaluing Carew.
A History of English Literature George Saintsbury

So Carew and Meryl were left alone by the window, looking out into the pulsing southern night.
The Rhodesian Gertrude Page

Carew is a gentleman before all; but a rather profane gentleman.
A History of English Literature George Saintsbury

Thomas. ?1595–?1639, English Cavalier poet


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