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pertaining to the Caribs, the Lesser Antilles, or the Caribbean Sea and its islands.
a Carib.
Caribbean Sea.
the, Informal. the islands and countries of the Caribbean Sea collectively.
Contemporary Examples

Depp was 47 by the time the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean installment hit theaters in the May 2011.
Johnny Depp and the ‘Lone Ranger’ Flop: Is His Career Doomed? Kevin Fallon July 8, 2013

Saint Barthélemy, my annual winter respite, is my favorite of the Caribbean islands.
We’d Rather Be in Beautiful—and Warm—St. Barts Architectural Digest January 25, 2014

Nancy Pelosi is protecting Rep. Charles Rangel, who failed to pay taxes on his Caribbean villa, among other miscues.
The Photo That Could Doom the Democrats Peter Beinart February 28, 2010

Missoni Bag Found: The bag of Vittorio Missoni, the missing Missoni CEO, has been found on the island of Bonaire in the Caribbean.
Vittorio Missoni’s Bag Found in Caribbean; Charlie Sheen Paid for Lindsay Lohan’s Wardrobe Disaster The Fashion Beast Team February 12, 2013

Some founded a synagogue in Recife, Brazil (now in ruins), then fanned out throughout the Caribbean.
Uncovering Jamaica’s Jewish Past Debra A. Klein November 30, 2013

Historical Examples

Its bad enough trailing those scoundrels all over the Caribbean, let alone trying to run them to earth in a tropical jungle.
The Radio Detectives in the Jungle A. Hyatt Verrill

Columbus was disappointed in the mermaids that he saw in the Caribbean.
Myths & Legends of our New Possessions & Protectorate Charles M. Skinner

John Cann’s grave lay buried five fathoms deep, no doubt, under the blue waters of the Caribbean.
The Beckoning Hand and Other Stories Grant Allen

I did not know then, as I know now, that barracuda grow to twelve feet in the Caribbean.
Tales of Fishes Zane Grey

The tides on the Caribbean coast of the isthmus rise and fall but little, while on the Pacific coast they are swift and turbulent.
Vasco Nuez de Balboa Frederick Albion Ober

of, or relating to, the Caribbean Sea and its islands
of, or relating to, the Carib or any of their languages
the Caribbean, the states and islands of the Caribbean Sea, including the West Indies, when considered as a geopolitical region
short for the Caribbean Sea
a member of any of the peoples inhabiting the islands of the Caribbean Sea, such as a West Indian or a Carib

from Carib, indigenous people’s name for themselves, + -ean.


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