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(Canadian) the Cariboo, a region in the W foothills of the Cariboo Mountains, scene of a gold rush beginning in 1860
Historical Examples

Examples—many birds, butterflies, and some bats; the cariboo, and buffalo.
Ontario Teachers’ Manuals: Nature Study Ontario Ministry of Education

She had heard of a sick miner (maybe from cariboo) who lay there dying.
Some Reminiscences of old Victoria Edgar Fawcett

cariboo Meadows, as a town, was simply a double row of buildings facing each other across a wagon road.
North of Fifty-Three Bertrand W. Sinclair

Was it your habit to use two pair of candles in your bedroom in cariboo?
Mirk Abbey, Volume 1(of 3) James Payn

He made up his mind to become a nomad and be a wanderer on the face of the cariboo district.
Skookum Chuck Fables Skookum Chuck (pseud for R.D. Cumming)

It was well that they had ample time in which to make their journey to cariboo.
Gold, Gold, in Cariboo! Clive Phillipps-Wolley

cariboo Meadows, the schoolhouse, and her classes seemed remote.
North of Fifty-Three Bertrand W. Sinclair

The cariboo were off on their vague journeyings that took them half across the world.
Dusty Star Olaf Baker

Why, what any other man in cariboo would do if he had half your chance.
Gold, Gold, in Cariboo! Clive Phillipps-Wolley

At the end of five days’ journey, we rode at dusk into cariboo.
A Man in the Open Roger Pocock


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