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cario- pref.
Caries: cariology.


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  • Carioca

    a modification of the samba. the music for this dance. a native of Rio de Janeiro. Historical Examples The barracks of the carioca are built, and the other barracks are prepared. Journal of a Voyage to Brazil Maria Graham The nickname of the inhabitants of Rio is carioca, from this fountain. Journal of a Voyage […]

  • Cariocan

    noun a native of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Historical Examples If this had been a Spanish or a cariocan mother and daughter how easy it would have been! The Judge Rebecca West

  • Cariogenesis

    cariogenesis cariogenesis car·i·o·gen·e·sis (kâr’ē-ō-jěn’ĭ-sĭs) n. The production of dental caries. car’i·o·gen’ic (-jěn’ĭk) adj.

  • Cariogenic

    conducive to the production or promotion of dental caries: the cariogenic factors in sweets. adjective (of a substance) producing caries, esp in the teeth

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