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a small, open, two-wheeled vehicle.
a covered cart.
a light, open sleigh pulled by horses or dogs, especially one used in French Canada.
Historical Examples

Harnessed to a cariole, or dog-sled, they travelled with great speed, and seemed to enjoy the fun.
Three Boys in the Wild North Land Egerton Ryerson Young

We are in a cahot and must get our cariole out of it as best we can!
The Golden Dog William Kirby

This remarkable boy sits on a board behind the cariole, and drives it back to the station from which it starts.
The Land of Thor J. Ross Browne

“All right,” said Sanford, as he moved off towards his cariole.
Up The Baltic Oliver Optic

It had broken loose from the cariole, and, strange to say, reached the shore unhurt and in safety.
Chasing the Sun R.M. Ballantyne

The rider in that cariole is so whelmed in furs as to be absolutely invisible.
The Big Otter R.M. Ballantyne

The documents which had been preparing being now nearly finished, we sent for the cariole, &c. from Fort Norman.
Narrative of a Second Expedition to the Shores of the Polar Sea John Franklin

The cariole struck against a stone and tilted him out on the road.
The Land of Thor J. Ross Browne

When John arrived there, seeing the shop as he drove past, he descended from his cariole and entered.
Three in Norway James Arthur Lees

More with his son; that was he who was standing by the cariole.
Magnhild Dust Bjrnstjerne Bjrnson

a small open two-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle
a covered cart


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