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a short fore-and-aft beam running beside a hatchway, mast hole, or other deck opening.
Contemporary Examples

In her article, Middleton says that she used to “pine” after the now 48-year-old carling.
Pippa Middleton’s Crush on Princess Diana’s Boyfriend Tom Sykes January 9, 2014

Historical Examples

Then the drug-store goes, and carling’s store and Rinehart’s restaurant.
Careers of Danger and Daring Cleveland Moffett

And he heard carling exclaim to Victor: ‘How comes the fellow here!’
One of Our Conquerors, Complete George Meredith

carling is the foundation beam of a ship, or the main beam on the keel.
Notes and Queries, Number 84, June 7, 1851 Various

carling shrank back into his chair, his head huddling into his shoulders.
The Adventures of Jimmie Dale Frank L. Packard

Yielding to this advice, Mr. carling did his best to suppress his own anxieties, and went to the dinner-party.
The Queen of Hearts Wilkie Collins

On the eighth day Mr. carling called again and was accepted.
The Queen of Hearts Wilkie Collins

carling replied: ‘A story under shadow of the Law, has generally two very distinct versions.’
One of Our Conquerors, Complete George Meredith

Mr. carling proposed to write an apology and to remain with his wife.
The Queen of Hearts Wilkie Collins

Fortunately, with the exception of Professor carling, all the Guests preferred good weather.
Elegy Charles Beaumont

a fore-and-aft beam in a vessel, used for supporting the deck, esp around a hatchway or other opening
Will(iam). born 1965, English Rugby Union player; won 72 caps (1988–97); captained England to three Grand Slams (1991, 1992, 1995)


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