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one of the crew of a streetcar or the like, as the motorman.
(William) Bliss, 1861–1929, Canadian poet and journalist in the U.S.
Historical Examples

“The teller overpaid me fifty dollars,” he said to Mr. carman, as he handed him the money.
Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys Various

On reaching Ballyglunin he looked out for the carman, but he was not there.
The Landleaguers Anthony Trollope

The whole field was under whip and spur when straightened for home, except the carman colt.
History of the Kentucky Derby, 1875-1921 John Lawrence O’Connor

But the miller and the carman were not the only portraitures this model showed.
When Ghost Meets Ghost William Frend De Morgan

The management of the carman also says that patrons will be given the very best of service.
News Writing M. Lyle Spencer

That was Mr. Bartlett outside, laying bricks; not the carman at all.
When Ghost Meets Ghost William Frend De Morgan

The most famous places of meeting were Tara, Telltown and carman.
Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 14, Slice 7 Various

At any rate the carman had gone chuckling all over Sligo with his tale.
Reveries over Childhood and Youth William Butler Yeats

The carman then related all that he knew, every word of which strongly corroborated what Lamh Laudher had said.
The Dead Boxer William Carleton

“Let people look out for their own mistakes,” said Mr. carman.
Tiger and Tom and Other Stories for Boys Various

noun (pl) -men
a man who drives a car or cart; carter
a man whose business is the transport of goods; haulier
(US & Canadian) a tram driver


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