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Hoagland Howard
[hohg-luh nd] /ˈhoʊg lənd/ (Show IPA), (“Hoagy”) 1899–1981, U.S. songwriter and musician.
Stokely [stohk-lee] /ˈstoʊk li/ (Show IPA), (Kwame Ture) 1941–1998, U.S. civil-rights leader, born in Trinidad: chairman of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee 1966–67.
a town in central California, near Sacramento.
Contemporary Examples

Bond, however, was not entirely pleased with the Carmichael comparison, either.
Literary Bond Superior to Movie Version Allen Barra November 10, 2012

But many successful, driven people have suffered from this disease, says Carmichael.
How to Overcome Anxiety, Starting Now DailyBurn April 4, 2014

Though it feels like panic attacks start from a physical place, they actually start in our minds, says Carmichael.
How to Overcome Anxiety, Starting Now DailyBurn April 4, 2014

Her sister lives nearby—the actress Tembi Locke, named by Miriam Makeba when Gene Locke was in Africa with Carmichael.
A Steamy Bayou Murder Mystery Celia McGee June 14, 2009

Historical Examples

Mr. Terry was to be chief of the commissariat under Mrs. Carmichael.
Two Knapsacks John Campbell

The way he crushed that Mr. Carmichael was positively merciless.
The Brown Mouse Herbert Quick

I thought of asking Carmichael about it, but I suspected John might lie to me and laugh to see the “kid” robbed.
The Memoirs of an American Citizen Robert Herrick

But Carmichael could; and he was much too blind to fight without his glasses.
Stingaree E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung

After dinner she sent word to Roy and Carmichael that they had better ride out to look for Bo.
The Man of the Forest Zane Grey

It was, in fact, the monosyllable of which Carmichael had just made use.
Stingaree E. W. (Ernest William) Hornung

Hoaglund Howard (ˈhəʊɡlənd), known as Hoagy. 1899–1981, US pianist, singer, and composer of such standards as “Star Dust” (1929).


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