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pertaining to or characterized by the flesh or the body, its passions and appetites; sensual:
carnal pleasures.
not spiritual; merely human; temporal; worldly:
a man of secular, rather carnal, leanings.
Historical Examples

Pride and nearly every other manifestation of carnality were manifest.
Birth of a Reformation Andrew Byers

They claim that no thought of carnality ever enters into their feelings.
Religion and Lust James Weir

I am sure that to them the invocation of Beelzebub is a prelibation of carnality.
L-bas J. K. Huysmans

Paul was not afraid of severe measures where carnality was concerned.
My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year John Henry Jowett

Scourging purifies the body from carnality; that is one motive.
The Mediaeval Mind (Volume I of II) Henry Osborn Taylor

And she would take his words of the spirit and make them to pander to her own carnality.
The Rainbow D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence

It illustrates what has been well described as “the carnality of religious contention.”
Expositor’s Bible: The Second Epistle to the Corinthians James Denney

Their mutual glances should be free from all suggestion of carnality.
A Guide to Health Mahatma Gandhi

Aestheticism and carnality are by no means as dissociate as the æsthete would have us believe.
Religion and Lust James Weir

The first was Tlazolteotl, that is to say ‘the goddess of carnality.’
The Works of Hubert Howe Bancroft, Volume 3 Hubert Howe Bancroft

relating to the appetites and passions of the body; sensual; fleshly

early 15c., “sensuality,” from Late Latin carnalitas, from Latin carnalis (see carnal). Meaning “state of being flesh, fleshliness” is from mid-15c.

c.1400, “physical, human, mortal,” from Old French carnal and directly from Medieval Latin carnalis “natural, of the same blood,” from Latin carnis “of the flesh,” genitive of caro “flesh, meat” (see carnage). Meaning “sensual” is from early 15c.; that of “worldly, sinful” is from mid-15c. Carnal knowledge is attested from early 15c. and was in legal use by 1680s.

Unconverted men are so called (1 Cor. 3:3). They are represented as of a “carnal mind, which is enmity against God” (Rom. 8:6, 7). Enjoyments that minister to the wants and desires of man’s animal nature are so called (Rom. 15:27; 1 Cor. 9:11). The ceremonial of the Mosaic law is spoken of as “carnal,” because it related to things outward, the bodies of men and of animals, and the purification of the flesh (Heb. 7:16; 9:10). The weapons of Christian warfare are “not carnal”, that is, they are not of man’s device, nor are wielded by human power (2 Cor. 10:4).


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