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a song, especially of joy.
a Christmas song or hymn.
a seat in a bay window or oriel.
a compartment in a cloister, similar to a carrel.
a kind of circular dance.
to sing Christmas songs or hymns, especially in a group performing in a public place or going from house to house.
to sing, especially in a lively, joyous manner; warble.
to sing joyously.
to praise or celebrate in song.
a male or female given name.
1893–1953, king of Romania 1930–40.
Contemporary Examples

(We’ll leave Shirley Chisholm, Alan Keyes and carol Moseley-Braun out of this).
Irrational Obama Exuberance John Avlon November 25, 2008

T-Dog, ever the hero, died saving carol when the prison was overrun by walkers.
A Primer For ‘The Walking Dead’ Season Four Premiere Melissa Leon October 10, 2013

So I will defer to carol Brady, who in her infinite wisdom once said, “Find out what you do best and do your best with it.”
The Best Advice I Ever Got The Daily Beast April 14, 2011

carol and Tyreese are now back on their way to “sanctuary” Terminus, which is obviously too good to be true.
‘The Grove’: Was The Walking Dead’s Latest Shocker a Mistake? Melissa Leon March 16, 2014

Now, carol Danvers debuted in 1968 as Ms. Marvel, an Air Force officer who crosses paths with Captain Marvel.
Inside Marvel’s Phase 3: How ‘The Avengers’ Cross Paths with Black Panther and the New Superheroes Marlow Stern October 29, 2014

Historical Examples

The pence table they carol merrily to the tune of “Nancy Dawson.”
Wilson’s Tales of the Borders and of Scotland Various

“carol, see and get an ass to put these kishes on,” said Ussher.
The Macdermots of Ballycloran Anthony Trollope

carol was ashamed to have this spy from the Great World hear the pastor’s maundering.
Main Street Sinclair Lewis

“carol does not know for certain who her father is,” said Sir Arthur.
The Missionary George Griffith

The obliging Lark boosted her sister up, and carol nimbly scrambled into place, riding astride.
Prudence of the Parsonage Ethel Hueston

a joyful hymn or religious song, esp one (a Christmas carol) celebrating the birth of Christ
(archaic) an old English circular dance
verb -ols, -olling, -olled (US) -ols, -oling, -oled
(intransitive) to sing carols at Christmas
to sing (something) in a joyful manner
1893–1953, king of Romania (1930–40), who was deposed by the Iron Guard

c.1300, “joyful song,” also “dance in a ring,” from Old French carole “kind of dance in a ring, round dance accompanied by singers,” perhaps from Medieval Latin choraula “a dance to the flute,” from Latin choraules “flute-player,” from Greek khoraules “flute player who accompanies the choral dance,” from khoros “chorus” (see chorus) + aulein “to play the flute,” from aulos “reed instrument” (see alveolus). The meaning “Christmas hymn of joy” is attested from c.1500.

c.1300, “to dance in a ring,” from Old French caroler, from carole (see carol (n.)). As “to sing” from late 14c. Related: Caroled; caroling.

masc. proper name, from Medieval Latin Carolus (see Charles). As a fem. proper name, an abbreviation of Caroline. The masc. name never has been popular in U.S.; the fem. form was common after c.1900 and was a top-10 name for U.S. girls born 1936-1950.


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