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a former English colony on the Atlantic coast of North America: officially divided into North Carolina and South Carolina in 1729.
North Carolina or South Carolina.
a city in NE Puerto Rico, SE of San Juan.
Also called the Carolinas. North Carolina and South Carolina.
Contemporary Examples

And with the variety we have at the gala — Thom Browne, Sarah Burton, Carolina Herrera — those are three very different worlds.
How High Fashion Saved the Ballet Raquel Laneri October 12, 2014

The charge against Morgan involved the sale of a rifle listed with an online gun marketplace called the Carolina Shooters Club.
The Mystery of Donald Ray Morgan, the 44-Year-Old American Who Loved ISIS Michael Daly August 11, 2014

His stated goal was to create an all-white “Carolina Free State.”
Hate—and Hitler—in the Heartland: The Arrest of Frazier Glenn Miller John Avlon, Caitlin Dickson April 13, 2014

Carolina Milanesi, a Strategic Insight Director with Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, tweeted that it could go one of two ways.
Google Buys Nest and Makes a Giant Leap Into Your Home Brian Ries January 12, 2014

“I don’t think reviews really matter anymore,” said Carolina Herrera.
Fashion’s Most Feared Critic Jacob Bernstein October 10, 2010

Historical Examples

“Perhaps it is the vinegar,” suggested Carolina rather spitefully.
Olive in Italy Moray Dalton

These vessels were to be employed in opening the ports of Georgia and Carolina.
Stories Of Georgia Joel Chandler Harris

A native of Carolina, and perfectly hardy in most parts of the country.
Hardy Ornamental Flowering Trees and Shrubs A. D. Webster

Captain Brayne, I give you the Carolina and every treasure she contains!
Margaret Tudor Annie T. Colcock

Carolina and I are both indebted to you for your charming article.
Fifty Contemporary One-Act Plays Various

a former English colony on the E coast of North America, first established in 1663: divided in 1729 into North and South Carolina, which are often referred to as the Carolinas

1663, North American colony named for King Charles II (the Latin form of the male proper name is Carolus). Earlier French colonists called the region Caroline (1564) in honor of Charles IX, King of France. A 1629 grant here by Charles I of England was named Carolana. The original site of the name is modern South Carolina and the tract originally included North Carolina and Georgia; North Carolina first used 1691, in reference to settlements made from Virginia. The official division into north and south dates from 1710. Used generically in forming species names in botany and zoology from 1734.


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