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carotenase car·o·ten·ase (kār’ə-tē-nās’, kə-rŏt’n-ās’)
An enzyme that catalyzes the conversion of beta-carotene to retinaldehyde by adding molecular oxygen.


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  • Carotene

    any of three yellow or orange fat-soluble pigments having the formula C 40 H 56 , found in many plants, especially carrots, and transformed to vitamin A in the liver; provitamin A. noun any of four orange-red isomers of an unsaturated hydrocarbon present in many plants (β-carotene is the orange pigment of carrots) and converted […]

  • Carotenemia

    carotenemia carotenemia car·o·te·ne·mi·a (kār’ə-tən-ē’mē-ə) n. The presence of excess carotene in the blood, often resulting in yellowing of the skin. Also called xanthemia.

  • Carotenoid

    any of a group of red and yellow pigments, chemically similar to carotene, contained in animal fat and some plants. similar to carotene. pertaining to carotenoids. noun any of a group of red or yellow pigments, including carotenes, found in plants and certain animal tissues adjective of or resembling carotene or a carotenoid n. 1913, […]

  • Carotenosis cutis

    carotenosis cutis carotenosis cutis car·o·te·no·sis cu·tis (kār’ətən-ō’sĭs kyōō’tĭs) n. A yellow or golden coloration of the skin caused by an excessive intake of carotene. Also called aurantiasis cutis.

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