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a noisy or drunken feast or social gathering; revelry.
Historical Examples

The music blared, and to complete their carousal wine flowed freely.
Legends of the Rhine Wilhelm Ruland

Have you collected the provisions for the carousal of the millions?
The Continental Monthly, Vol 6, No 5, November 1864 Various

Selby had probably returned from a carousal, with all his malignant passions raised into frenzy by intoxication.
Edgar Huntley Charles Brockden Brown

But I have not yet mentioned all that contributes to the pleasures of an Eastern carousal.
Arabian Society In The Middle Ages Edward William Lane

Every now and then he gets upon a carousal, and keeps it up for days, sometimes weeks.
Gaspar the Gaucho Mayne Reid

A festive occasion, carousal, the song sung at such a time, etc.
Every-Day Errors of Speech L. P. Meredith

Others were always late or sick, and Royleston was generally thick-headed from carousal at his club.
The Light of the Star Hamlin Garland

Battery in general dull from the effects of last night’s carousal.
An Artilleryman’s Diary Jenkin Lloyd Jones

The camp was late astir, for Sunday was Beetle Ring’s day—not of rest, but of carousal.
The Children’s Book of Thanksgiving Stories Various

Their groans and agonies constituted the music for their dance and carousal.
Twenty-Five Years in the Black Belt William James Edwards

a merry drinking party

1735, from carouse (v.) + -al (2). The earlier noun was simply carouse “a drinking bout” (1550s).


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