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an appetizer of thinly sliced raw beef served with a vinaigrette or other piquant sauce.
[veet-taw-re] /vitˈtɔ rɛ/ (Show IPA), c1450–1525, Venetian painter.
Historical Examples

A morning with Tintoretto might well be followed by a morning with carpaccio or Bellini.
New Italian sketches John Addington Symonds

The double N puzzled me at first, but carpaccio spells anyhow.
Hortus Inclusus John Ruskin

You can readily see the difference between his work and that of carpaccio.
Barbara’s Heritage Deristhe L. Hoyt

Ruskin did but popularise carpaccio, and buy and sell Turner.
The Life of James McNeill Whistler Elizabeth Robins Pennell

Here is an arm-chair by carpaccio: you who came in late, and are standing, to my regret, would like to sit down in it.
Ariadne Florentina John Ruskin

The predella of the picture is full of stories almost in the style of carpaccio.
The Story of Perugia Margaret Symonds

It will be remembered that carpaccio painted a very similar subject.
Bernardino Luini James Mason

They were like the little monks who run from St. Jerome’s lion in the picture by carpaccio.
Soul of a Bishop H. G. Wells

With his long black hair, his pale face, and his burning eyes, he looked like an Italian painted by carpaccio or Ghirlandajo.
Romain Rolland Stefan Zweig

And then in the next how carpaccio must have enjoyed his work on the costumes!
A Wanderer in Venice E.V. Lucas

noun (pl) -os
an Italian dish of thin slices of raw meat or fish
Vittore (vitˈtoːre). ?1460–?1525, Italian painter of the Venetian school

raw meat or fish served as an appetizer, late 20c., from Italian, often connected to the name of Renaissance painter Vittore Carpaccio (c.1460-1526) but without any plausible explanation except perhaps that his pictures often feature an orange-red hue reminiscent of some raw meat.


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