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any of several solitary bees of the family Apidae that nest in solid wood, boring tunnels in which to deposit their eggs.
Historical Examples

With the point of a fine needle, I inject a tiny drop of ammonia at the base of the skull of a carpenter-bee or a Grasshopper.
The Life of the Spider J. Henri Fabre

I first tried the effects of the bite upon the carpenter-bee.
The Life of the Spider J. Henri Fabre

After obtaining the dwelling, the carpenter-bee behaves like the Osmia who is in possession of a reed.
Bramble-bees and Others J. Henri Fabre

The majority refuse to fling themselves upon the carpenter-bee.
The Life of the Spider J. Henri Fabre

We have recently watched a precisely similar procedure in the instance of a carpenter-bee forming a cell in a wooden post.
Insect Architecture James Rennie

I put the bottle baited with a carpenter-bee upside down over her door.
Insect Adventures J. Henri Fabre

Many, a deal too many for my patience, stubbornly refuse to dart from their haunts in order to attack the carpenter-bee.
The Life of the Spider J. Henri Fabre

The bottle, baited with a carpenter-bee, is placed upside down over the door of one of the elect.
The Life of the Spider J. Henri Fabre

any large solitary bee of the genus Xylocopa and related genera that lays its eggs in tunnels bored into wood or in plant stems: family Apidae


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