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a pushable, long-handled implement for removing dirt, lint, etc., from rugs and carpets, consisting of a metal case enclosing one or more brushes that rotate.
Historical Examples

A carpet-sweeper is more hygienic than a broom, and a vacuum cleaner is better than a carpet-sweeper.
How to Live Irving Fisher and Eugene Fisk

They have many household conveniences: running water in a barrel, a blue flame oil stove, a bread-mixer, and a carpet-sweeper.
The American Country Girl Martha Foote Crow

Brush up the drawing-room or go over the floor with a carpet-sweeper, wipe up the hard-wood floors, and dust the rooms.
The Expert Maid-Servant Cristine Terhune Herrick

Having breakfasted from white dishes placed on a white napkin, she was busy with a carpet-sweeper sweeping up possible crumbs.
The Dust Flower Basil King

When you remove the waste from your carpet-sweeper, carefully cut the lint and hair from the revolving rolls and brushes.
Food and Health Anonymous

She took up the crumbs carefully and used the carpet-sweeper all over the rug.
A Little Housekeeping Book for a Little Girl Caroline French Benton

The little upholstery tuft-cleaner consumes only one-ninth as much power as the carpet-sweeper.
Guide to Hotel Housekeeping Mary E. Palmer

a household device with a revolving brush for sweeping carpets


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