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a town in SW California.


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    an ancient Greek goddess of summer fruit, considered by Athenians as one of the Horae. a combining form meaning “fruit,” “fruiting body,” used in the formation of compound words: carpophore; carpogonium. a combining form meaning “wrist,” used in the formation of compound words: carpometacarpal. Historical Examples It may perhaps not be superfluous here to observe […]

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    carpocarpal carpocarpal car·po·car·pal (kär’pō-kär’pəl) adj. Mediocarpal.

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    Anatomy. of or relating to the carpus and the metacarpus. Ornithology. of or relating to the carpometacarpus. Historical Examples The carpometacarpal portion of the articulation is the part which is usually affected. Lameness of the Horse John Victor Lacroix carpometacarpal car·po·met·a·car·pal (kär’pō-mět’ə-kär’pəl) adj. Of, relating to, or involving the carpus and metacarpus.

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    carpometacarpal joint carpometacarpal joint n. Any of the joints between the carpal and the metacarpal bones.

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