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a colloidal substance extracted from seaweed, chiefly used as an emulsifying and stabilizing ingredient in foods, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.
a carbohydrate extracted from carrageen, used to make a beverage, medicine, and jelly, and as an emulsifying and gelling agent (E407) in various processed desserts and drinks

carrageenan car·ra·geen·an or car·ra·geen·in (kār’ə-gē’nən)
Any of a group of closely related colloids derived from several red algae, widely used as a thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying, or suspending agent in pharmaceuticals.
A gelatinous material derived from Irish moss (Chondrus crispus) and other species of red algae. It is widely used as a thickening, stabilizing, emulsifying, or suspending agent in industrial, pharmaceutical, and food products.


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