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Carriage line

another term for coach line


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  • Carriage-piece

    carriage (def 7). a wheeled vehicle for conveying persons, as one drawn by horses and designed for comfort and elegance. baby carriage. British. a railway passenger coach. a wheeled support, as for a cannon. a movable part, as of a machine, designed for carrying something. manner of carrying the head and body; bearing: the carriage […]

  • Carriage-return

    (on a typewriter) the key or mechanism that causes the next character typed to appear at the left margin and on a new line. Computers. the symbol, command, or key (return) that causes the printer to be positioned or the cursor to be displayed at the left margin.

  • Carriage-trade

    wealthy patrons of a store, restaurant, theater, etc.; elite clientele. noun trade from the wealthy part of society

  • Carriageway

    a road or lane of a road for use by automobiles. Historical Examples North went down the carriageway, and Herbert reëntered the house. The Just and the Unjust Vaughan Kester A mile away was a wooden box-bridge with a carriageway on one side and the single track on the other. Harper’s Round Table, July 2, […]

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