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a town in E Northern Ireland, in Carrickfergus district, Co Antrim; historic settlement of Scottish Protestants on Belfast Lough; Norman castle. Pop: 27 201 (2001)
a district of E Northern Ireland, in Co Antrim. Pop: 37 659 (2001). Area: 83 sq km (32 sq miles)
Historical Examples

But carrickfergus had been reinforced, and the greater part of the Scots returned to their own country.
Ireland under the Tudors, Volume I (of II) Richard Bagwell

Again, opposite carrickfergus, close to the northern shore, she turned.
The Red Hand of Ulster George A. Birmingham

The expedition then, somehow, passed back to Dublin, and on to carrickfergus.
King Robert the Bruce A. F. Murison

On the morning of the 24th of April the Ranger was once more off carrickfergus.
The Story of John Paul Jones Chelsea Curtis Fraser

So miserable were the arrangements that Fitzwilliam had to leave carrickfergus for want of victuals.
Ireland Under the Tudors, Vol. II (of 3) Richard Bagwell

Further, he dates this journey after the fall of carrickfergus (see on 38).
The Bruce John Barbour

Clones was sixty miles from Derry, and rather more from Coleraine and carrickfergus, the two other points of departure.
Ireland, Historic and Picturesque Charles Johnston

Finally the ghost urged Taverner to bring the case into Court, and it came up for trial at carrickfergus.
Irish Witchcraft and Demonology St. John D. (St. John Drelincourt) Seymour

Carlingford, carrickfergus, and Dunluce have by their size and picturesque situations ever appealed to visitors.
The Glories of Ireland Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox

The “Drake,” too, had caught the alarm, and came out from carrickfergus to capture the bold American.
The Boys of 1812 and Other Naval Heroes James Russell Soley


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