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(of a radioactive isotope) capable of functioning as a tracer without the use of a carrier.


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  • Carrier-pigeon

    one of a breed of domestic pigeons having a large wattle around the base of the beak. a homing pigeon trained to carry messages. Historical Examples I want to hear all of it, all that you had no room to tell me in your carrier-pigeon messages. The Saracen: The Holy War Robert Shea It is […]

  • Carrier scanner

    carrier scanner security (Or “wardialer”) A program which uses a modem to dial a series of phone numbers (say, from 770-0000 to 770-9999), and keeps a log of what phone numbers answer with a modem carrier. The results of such a search were generally used by people looking to engage in random mischief in random […]

  • Carrier screening

    carrier screening carrier screening n. Indiscriminate examination of members of a population to detect heterozygotes for serious disorders and to discourage sexual union and marriage with other carriers. Prenatal diagnosis is used for a married couple who are both carriers.

  • Carrier signal

    carrier signal communications A continuous signal of a single frequency capable of being modulated by a second, data-carrying signal. In radio communication, the two common kinds of modulation are amplitude modulation and frequency modulation. (1995-03-01)

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