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a European crow, Corvus corone, that feeds on carrion.
black vulture (def 1).
Historical Examples

If that isn’t the only fish of its kind in the seven seas, call me a carrion-crow—Tommy, we’re in luck.
The Voyages of Doctor Dolittle Hugh Lofting

And pray, what brought you here to-day, scenting about you like a carrion-crow?
Roughing it in the Bush Susanna Moodie

Not too strictly preserved, however, for there was my old friend the carrion-crow out foraging for his young.
Afoot in England W.H. Hudson

But even the carrion-crow, following wherever human beings lead the way, never left the limits of the camp.
Overland Tales Josephine Clifford

The hawk’s task is over when the battle is won, and he who has but the sword for weapon is no hawk, but carrion-crow.
The Path of the King John Buchan

The carrion-crow and chattering-crows are called here mackeraws, and are like those I described in the West Indies.
A Voyage to New Holland William Dampier

It may have been the hue of the carrion-crow for all you know.
Nancy Rhoda Broughton

Badb: the war-fury, or goddess of war and carnage; she was wont to appear in the form of a carrion-crow.
The Ancient Irish Epic Tale Tin B Calnge Unknown

No sound is heard in that place save only the call of the carrion-crow by day, and the dismal hooting of the owl by night.
Beasts & Men Jean de Bosschre

The name “carrion-crow” has been applied to the buzzard in Louisiana from an early period of its American history.
“Gombo Zhbes” Lafcadio Hearn

a common predatory and scavenging European crow, Corvus corone, similar to the rook but having a pure black bill See also hooded crow


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