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Historical Examples

The carrousel is void; the black tide recoiling; ‘fugitives rushing as far as Saint-Antoine before they stop’.
A Wanderer in Paris E. V. Lucas

I saw you, too, general; you were reading the inscription on the arch of the carrousel.
The Companions of Jehu Alexandre Dumas, pre

He was standing in the recess of a window which looked on the square of the carrousel.
Memoirs of Napoleon Bonaparte, Complete Louis Antoine Fauvelet de Bourrienne

They began to converse with some sequence only after they had passed the door of the carrousel.
Two banks of the Seine Fernand Vandrem

He passed through the court-yard of the Tuileries into the carrousel.
Louis Philippe John S. C. (John Stevens Cabot) Abbott

As soon as she was out of the carrousel she was unable to remain serious any longer.
Two banks of the Seine Fernand Vandrem

At the carrousel Gate, the sentinel turned his back and they could easily pass.
The Royal Life Guard Alexander Dumas (pere)

At the gate of the carrousel the consuls alighted from their carriages, and were received by the Consular Guard.
Royal Palaces and Parks of France Milburg Francisco Mansfield

The guns whirled across the bridge, and dashed into the carrousel, on a gallop, by the guichet of the Louvre.
A Residence in France J. Fenimore Cooper

The last suddenly poured in by all the small entrances on the carrousel, singing the “It shall go on.”
The Countess of Charny Alexandre Dumas (pere)

a variant spelling of carousel

variant of carousel.


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