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Carry the banner

carry the banner

verb phrase

To walk the street all night for lack of a bed: I have ”carried the banner” in infernal metropolises (1890s+ Hoboes)


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  • Carry the difference

    carry the difference verb phrase To be armed: If you’re going to fool around with that guy, don’t you think you ought to carry the difference? (1900s+)

  • Carry the load

    carry the load verb phrase To do or be responsible for the major part of a job: His wife carried the load in that family (1950s+)

  • Carry the mail

    carry the mail verb phrase carry the load (1950s+) To go very fast; barrel (1920s+)

  • Carry the something chromosome

    carry the something chromosome verb phrase To have the characteristics indicated: My husband, who knows I carry the restaurant chromosome, suggested that I get up on the steel catwalk that ran along one long wall to make atoast [1990s+; fr the X and Y chromosomes that determine sexual and hence other characteristics]

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