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irresponsible, irritating, self-indulgent, or overwrought behavior:
The baby-sitter was exhausted from the child’s noisy carrying-on.
improper or immoral behavior.
Historical Examples

What’s all this we hear about your carrying-on this morning?
Air Service Boys Flying for Victory Charles Amory Beach

There was a newly-married couple in our car, and of course lots of us were more or less interested in their carrying-on.
Atchoo! George Niblo

They always seem to be happy, singing and “carrying-on” with the utmost abandon.
The Spell of Flanders Edward Neville Vose

When she got going, laughing and carrying-on, what wouldn’t she say, right out before anybody!
The Brimming Cup Dorothy Canfield Fisher

noun (informal) (pl) carryings-on
unconventional or questionable behaviour
excited or flirtatious behaviour, esp when regarded as foolish


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