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a seaport in SE Spain.
a seaport in N Colombia.
Contemporary Examples

In Cartagena, he adds, “these women sometimes look to meet people perhaps in the hope of going abroad and having a better future.”
Colombian Cabdriver Recounts Escorts’ Reaction to Secret Service Feud Mac Margolis, Jenny Gonzalez April 20, 2012

Consider the Sixth Summit of the Americas, held at Cartagena, Colombia, two weeks ago.
Cartagena Summit’s Other Outrage: Obama’s Indifference to Latin Issues Mac Margolis April 26, 2012

In an exclusive, a Cartagena cabdriver recounts his morning after with the women involved in the Secret Service scandal.
Colombian Cabdriver Recounts Escorts’ Reaction to Secret Service Feud Mac Margolis, Jenny Gonzalez April 20, 2012

I was roasted by the sun in Cartagena and walked the once deadly streets of Medellin in the rain.
Memorial Days After Mourning Has Passed Alex Horton May 24, 2014

Paradoxically, when asked earlier this year to name his favorite vacation spot, Radel named Cartagena, Colombia.
Hip-Hop Conservative Rep. Trey Radel Charged With Cocaine Possession Ben Jacobs November 19, 2013

Historical Examples

Years passed on, and the poor captain next turns up at Cartagena, penniless and pitiable.
‘Puffing Billy’ and the Prize ‘Rocket’ Helen Cross Knight

Nevertheless, it was to Cartagena that they sailed in the middle of March.
Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini

Twice have I sailed to it in direct course from Cartagena, and many’s the time I have passed it in the lumber ship.
With Drake on the Spanish Main Herbert Strang

Your books show the spoil of Cartagena to amount to some ten million livres.
Captain Blood Rafael Sabatini

Mr. Holton then asked if it might be possible to get gasoline in Cartagena, the city on the coast.
Secrets of the Andes James H. Foster

a port in NW Colombia, on the Caribbean: centre for the Inquisition and the slave trade in the 16th century; chief oil port of Colombia. Pop: 1 002 000 (2005 est)
a port in SE Spain, on the Mediterranean: important since Carthaginian and Roman times for its minerals. Pop: 194 203 (2003 est)


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