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John, Earl of Granville, 1690–1763, British statesman and orator.
a city in NE New Jersey.
Historical Examples

Carteret’s opinion was well known, that it was no part of a postmaster-general’s duty to check accounts.
The History of the Post Office Herbert Joyce

Carteret took one at Masafuero 51⁄2 feet long, and weighing 87 lbs.
The Sailor’s Word-Book William Henry Smyth

Carteret shrugged his shoulders, and the captain and I exchanged incredulous glances.
The Cryptogram William Murray Graydon

“A good wife should believe what her husband believes,” said Mr. Carteret.
The Tragic Muse Henry James

In 1670, when Carteret attempted to collect quit-rents, the settlers refused to pay, and for two years the colony was in turmoil.
The Colonization of North America Herbert Eugene Bolton

“You ought to have made her—you ought to have made her,” said Mr. Carteret.
The Tragic Muse Henry James

So Wilmington reigned, and Carteret governed for a while in Walpole’s stead.
Lord Chatham Archibald Phillip Primrose Rosebery

Julia was money, Mr. Carteret was money—everything else was the absence of it.
The Tragic Muse Henry James

“It wasn’t right, for I soon shot past him,” returned young Carteret.
Elster’s Folly Mrs. Henry Wood

I asked of Carteret, who was considered an authority on the weather.
The Cryptogram William Murray Graydon

John, 1st Earl Granville. 1690–1763, British statesman, diplomat, and orator who led the opposition to Walpole (1730–42), after whose fall he became a leading minister as secretary of state (1742–44)


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