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a cardboard or plastic box used typically for storage or shipping.
the amount a carton can hold.
the contents of a carton.
a cardboardlike substance consisting of chewed plant material often mixed with soil, made by certain insects for building nests.
to pack in a carton:
to carton eggs for supermarket sales.
to make or form cardboard sheets into cartons.
Contemporary Examples

He dumped the contents onto the ground, looking all over for the carton.
For Soldiers Like Me, Cigarettes and War Are Inseparable Colby Buzzell February 2, 2009

The child was then sent on his or her way, with a piece of fruit and a carton of milk.
The Schools That Starve Students to Punish Deadbeat Parents Brandy Zadrozny January 29, 2014

And at $29.99, lighting up all sense of parental dignity and responsibility costs less than a carton of actual cigarettes.
Sexy Ebola Nurse & More of the Year’s Worst Halloween Costumes Kevin Fallon October 29, 2014

Bella can pig out whenever there’s a carton of Ben Jerry’s in the freezer.
Battle of the Twilight Heartthrobs The Daily Beast June 22, 2010

Historical Examples

It attracted Mr. Lorry’s eyes to carton’s face, which was turned to the fire.
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens

“I was not present at the ceremony; but my opinion is you were,” said carton.
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens

It was carton that brought him here for the first time, a week ago.
The Whirlpool George Gissing

“I have no business to be, at all, that I know of,” said Sydney carton.
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens

Darnay was seated, writing a last letter to Lucie, when carton entered.
Tales from Dickens Charles Dickens and Hallie Erminie Rives

“You are a good man and a true friend,” said carton, in an altered voice.
A Tale of Two Cities Charles Dickens

a cardboard box for containing goods
a container of waxed paper or plastic in which liquids, such as milk, are sold

a white disc at the centre of a target
a shot that hits this disc

verb (transitive)
to enclose (goods) in a carton

1816, from French carton “pasteboard” (17c.), from Italian cartone “pasteboard,” augmentative of Medieval Latin carta “paper” (see card (n.)). Originally the material for making paper boxes; extended 1906 to the boxes themselves. As a verb, from 1921.


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