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a belt of leather or webbing with loops for carrying cartridges or pockets for clips of cartridges.
Historical Examples

Cliffe kept his place between the table legs and pulled round his cartridge-belt.
The Coast of Adventure Harold Bindloss

He stood in his trousers and shirt, with his cartridge-belt in his hand.
Whispering Smith Frank H. Spearman

On service the Springfield carbine (which is clumsy) and a cartridge-belt slung diagonally complete equipment.
From Sea to Sea Rudyard Kipling

No, but my cartridge-belt is on the sand, at the place where I slept.
The Tremendous Event Maurice Leblanc

A cartridge-belt encircled the loose jacket he wore and a revolver handle protruded from the pistol pocket of his trousers.
Boy Scouts in the Northwest G. Harvey Ralphson

All at once she turned and, kneeling, felt about on the floor for her cartridge-belt.
The Plow-Woman Eleanor Gates

He beckoned a few determined-looking fellows from the crowd, each armed with a rifle and cartridge-belt.
A Tatter of Scarlet S. R. Crockett

I noticed that he had a kookrie knife at his waist, and that his cartridge-belt was on his chest.
Mr. Isaacs F. Marion Crawford

In the tilted position of the body the cartridge-belt slid a little, and a lump of newspaper fell into the stream.
Red Men and White Owen Wister

Firmstone made no audible reply, but took down his revolver and cartridge-belt, and buckled them on.
Blue Goose Frank Lewis Nason

a belt with pockets for cartridge clips or loops for cartridges


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