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a small, one-celled, one-seeded, dry indehiscent fruit with the pericarp adherent to the seed coat, the typical fruit of grasses and grains.
Historical Examples

As an illustration of the caryopsis, the grain of Andropogon Sorghum may be studied.
A Handbook of Some South Indian Grasses Rai Bahadur K. Ranga Achariyar

caryopsis grooved, blunt and more tightly held in the palea.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

caryopsis 7-8 mm., less flattened than in Bromus, with a shallow groove.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

The caryopsis is very narrow, and the rachilla long and feathered with hairs.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

The caryopsis is, however, much more slender than in Agropyrum.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

The caryopsis is shorter and more ovoid than in other Bromes.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

Aira is distinguished by the awn: Agrostis by the very different pale and caryopsis.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

In Lolium and Agropyrum the caryopsis is still more wheat-like and grooved.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

Although typical grasses form a caryopsis as described, exceptions occur.
Grasses H. Marshall Ward

Ovary 1-celled, 1-ovuled, forming a seed-like grain (caryopsis) in fruit.
The Manual of the Botany of the Northern United States Asa Gray

noun (pl) -ses (-siːz), -sides (-sɪˌdiːz)
a dry seedlike fruit having the pericarp fused to the seed coat of the single seed: produced by the grasses
Plural caryopses (kār’ē-ŏp’sēz’) or caryopsides (kār’ē-ŏp’sĭ-dēz’)
A small, dry, one-seeded fruit of a cereal grass, having the fruit and the seed walls united. Also called grain.


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