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Case framework

case framework

A set of products and conventions that allow CASE tools to be integrated into a coherent environment.


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  • Case-glass

    glass composed of two or more layers of glass in different colors, often having the top layer cut or ground away so that the lower layer can serve as background or contrast.

  • Case-goods

    furniture designed for storage, as cupboards, chests of drawers, or wardrobes.

  • Case-grammar

    a form of generative grammar that views case roles, as agent, experiencer, instrument, and object, based on the semantic relationship of noun phrases to verbs, to be basic categories in deep structure and derives grammatical relations, as subject and direct object, from these case roles. noun (linguistics) a system of grammatical description based on the […]

  • Case-harden

    Metallurgy. to make the outside surface of (an alloy having an iron base) hard by carburizing and heat treatment, leaving the interior tough and ductile. to harden in spirit so as to render insensible or insensitive to external impressions or influences; make callous. Historical Examples Many woods, however, check severely in air-drying or case-harden in […]

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