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a knife carried or kept in a case or sheath.
a table knife.
Historical Examples

By and by he came down, smoking a cigarette, and was met by this woman flourishing her case-knife.
A Mortal Antipathy Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

While thus employed, he told me to feel in his coat-pocket for a case-knife.
Pelham, Complete Edward Bulwer-Lytton

She tapped it with a case-knife she held, when a stream of blood shot up through the glove.
A Confederate Girl’s Diary Sarah Margan Dawson

Dugard, blustering, laid his hand suddenly upon his case-knife.
Romany of the Snows Gilbert Parker

I lay so flat and close that had I been a case-knife I could not have been much thinner.
The Dispatch Carrier and Memoirs of Andersonville Prison William N. Tyler

A case-knife is rather limited as to its power of revelation, however, and she soon laid them down.
In a Mysterious Way Anne Warner

He would sit all day in the lane at the front gate pottering with a bit of twig or a case-knife in the soft clay.
The Stillwater Tragedy Thomas Bailey Aldrich

Then he flung the bow far from him, pulled out his case-knife, and cut all four violin strings, which snapped with a sharp twang.
The Girl From the Marsh Croft Selma Lagerlf

You can thank your stars you haven’t had a case-knife stuck in you before now.
In a Mysterious Way Anne Warner

They always dig out with a case-knife—and not through dirt, mind you; generly it’s through solid rock.
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Complete Mark Twain (Samuel Clemens)

another name for sheath knife


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