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to make or become like cheese.
verb -fies, -fying, -fied
to make or become similar to cheese


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  • Casein

    Biochemistry. a protein precipitated from milk, as by rennet, and forming the basis of cheese and certain plastics. Fine Arts. an emulsion made from a solution of this precipitated protein, water, and ammonia carbonate. a paint in which this emulsion is used as a binder. a picture produced with this paint and emulsion. Contemporary Examples […]

  • Casein-glue

    a glue made from casein, used for plywood, cabinetwork, etc.

  • Caseinate

    a metallic salt of casein.

  • Caseinogen

    noun the principal protein of milk, converted to casein by rennin Sometimes called (US) casein Historical Examples Precipitate the caseinogen by the addition of acetic acid and filter. The Elements of Bacteriological Technique John William Henry Eyre Casein, or caseinogen of milk and egg yolk (ovovitellin), are the substances richest in this mineral salt. Dietetics […]

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