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a peptide produced by the peptic digestion of casein


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  • Caseous

    of or like cheese. Historical Examples The caseous material of canker is also present, as is a disposition to hypertrophy of the exposed sensitive structures. Diseases of the Horse’s Foot Harry Caulton Reeks Nor are the cases of miliary tuberculosis, resulting from caseous degeneration of rachitical glands, very exceptional. A System of Practical Medicine By […]

  • Caseous necrosis

    caseous necrosis caseous necrosis n. A type of tissue death in which all cellular outline is lost and tissue appears crumbly and cheeselike, usually seen in tuberculosis. Also called caseous degeneration.

  • Caseous osteitis

    caseous osteitis caseous osteitis n. Osteitis characterized by tuberculous caries.

  • Caseous rhinitis

    caseous rhinitis caseous rhinitis n. Chronic rhinitis in which the nasal cavities are more or less completely filled with an ill-smelling cheesy material.

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