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any business venture, operation, or product that is a dependable source of income or profit.
a product, acquisition, etc, that produces a steady flow of cash, esp one with a well-known brand name commanding a high market share

noun phrase

A source of money, esp a generous one: But all this leaves The New Republic Inc without a cash cow/ For a fairly blatant cash cow, Pisces Iscariot delivers some fine milk (1970s+)
A dependable source of profit, as in The small-appliance division is this company’s cash cow. Although this precise term dates only from about 1970, milch cow was used in exactly the same way from 1601.


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  • Cash-crop

    any crop that is considered easily marketable, as wheat or cotton. a crop for direct sale in a market, as distinguished from a crop for use as livestock feed or for other purposes. noun a crop grown for sale rather than for subsistence

  • Cash-customer

    a purchaser who pays cash rather than by check, credit card, or charge account.

  • Cash-on-delivery

    C.O.D. noun a service entailing cash payment to the carrier on delivery of merchandise COD

  • Cash-discount

    a term of sale by which the buyer deducts a percentage from the bill if it is paid immediately in cash or within a stipulated period by check or cash. the amount deducted. noun a discount granted to a purchaser who pays before a stipulated date

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