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Cash limit

(often pl) a limit imposed as a method of curtailing overall expenditure without specifying the precise means of budgetary control


Read Also:

  • Cash-machine

    automated-teller machine. an electronic banking machine that dispenses cash, accepts deposits, and performs other services when a customer inserts a plastic card and pushes the proper coded buttons. Abbreviation: ATM.

  • Cash-money

    cash, as distinguished from a check or money order.

  • Cash mob

    noun a group of people coordinated to meet and spend money at a local, independent business at a particular time

  • Cash on the barrelhead

    Immediate payment, as in They won’t extend credit; it’s cash on the barrelhead or no sale. The lexicographer Charles Earle Funk surmised that this term originated in the days when upended barrels served as both seats and tables in bars, and customers were required to pay for their drinks immediately, literally putting their money on […]

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