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the fine, downy wool at the roots of the hair of the Kashmir goat.
a garment made of this wool.
a yarn made from this wool.
a wool or cashmere fabric of plain or twill weave.
Contemporary Examples

Forget furs, cashmere, even fires—the best way to beat the cold?
What to Drink When it’s Cold? The Glory of Austrian Schnaps Jordan Salcito January 24, 2014

Aguigui is originally from the small town of cashmere in Washington.
FEAR Militia Group Faces the Music Eliza Shapiro August 29, 2012

Think $69 smocked bodice jumpsuits or $250 cashmere ones from French designers like Jacadi and Bonpoint.
How Different Is Raising the Royal Baby From a Typical American Child? Kevin Fallon, Lizzie Crocker July 22, 2013

FLOTUS ‘Raises the Roof’ in the brand’s new spring cardigan and cashmere shell.
Michelle Obama wears J.Crew to Perform ‘The Evolution of Mom Dancing’ Misty White Sidell February 23, 2013

In today’s pushcart economy, every price is negotiable—from cars and electronics to cashmere sweaters and fine jewelry.
Haggling Through the Apocalypse Lee Eisenberg February 26, 2009

Historical Examples

My sister and I have just made up some very pretty silk and cashmere costumes, and they fitted as perfectly as possible.
Not Like Other Girls Rosa N. Carey

But I wuz in hopes he would get her a cashmere, and told him so, plain.
Samantha Among the Brethren, Part 3. Josiah Allen’s Wife (Marietta Holley)

The cashmere, now scarcely perceptible, had become a mere spot in the thin haze.
Toilers of the Sea Victor Hugo

An’ there’s cousin Hattie’s cashmere shawl, an’ Obed’s spe’tacles.
Tiverton Tales Alice Brown

It was tied up in a cashmere shawl, which her maid recognized as belonging to the lost actress.
Black Diamonds Mr Jkai

a fine soft wool from goats of the Kashmir area

cloth or knitted material made from this or similar wool
(as modifier): a cashmere sweater

a variant spelling of Kashmir

1680s, “shawl made of cashmere wool,” from the old spelling of Kashmir, Himalayan kingdom where wool was obtained from long-haired goats. As a name for this kind of woolen fabric, favored for shawls, etc., it is attested from 1822.


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