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Casimir funk

[kaz-uh-meer] /ˈkæz əˌmɪər/ (Show IPA), 1884–1967, U.S. biochemist, born in Poland: discovered thiamine, the first vitamin isolated.
Also called blue funk. a state of nervousness, fear, or depression (esp in the phrase in a funk)
a coward
to flinch from (responsibility) through fear
(transitive; usually passive) to make afraid
(US, slang) a strong foul odour
(informal) a type of polyrhythmic Black dance music with heavy syncopation
Casimir (ˈkæzɪˌmɪə). 1884–1967, US biochemist, born in Poland: studied and named vitamins

“depression, ill-humor,” 1743, probably originally Scottish and northern English; earlier as a verb, “panic, fail through panic,” (1737), said to be 17c. Oxford University slang, perhaps from Flemish fonck “perturbation, agitation, distress,” possibly related to Old French funicle “wild, mad.”

“bad smell,” 1620s, from dialectal French funkière “smoke,” from Old French fungier “give off smoke; fill with smoke,” from Latin fumigare “to smoke” (see fume (n.)). In reference to a style of music, it is first attested 1959, a back-formation from funky.

Funk (fŭngk, fōōngk), Casimir. 1884-1967.

Polish-born American biochemist whose research of deficiency diseases led to the discovery of vitamins, which he named in 1912.
(fŭngk, fngk)
Polish-born American biochemist who is credited with the discovery of vitamins. In 1912 he postulated the existence of four organic bases he called vitamines which were necessary for normal health and the prevention of deficiency diseases. He also contributed to the knowledge of the hormones of the pituitary gland and the sex glands.


Depression; moroseness; the BLUES: This levelheaded man of logic, however, is also a creature of moods and funks/ You guys are in a funk (1743+)


To fail through panic; be frightened to immobility •Chiefly British: She would have won, but suddenly funked (1737+)

Related Terms

blue funk, in a funk

[perhaps fr Flemish fonck, ”perturbation”]


A style of urban lack musi that relies heavily on bass guitar and exhibits elements like African rhythms, the blues, early rock and roll, jazz, etc: There is no denying the influence of Instant Funk/ the Minister of Super Heavy Funk, the legendary James Brown/ He is New Orleans ”fonk”


To play or move to an urban lack musi that features a dominant bass guitar: I think it’s all right to funk all night

[1950s+ Musicians; fr funky]


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