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one of the three Magi.
a male given name.
Contemporary Examples

Ultimately, the decision fell to Secretary Caspar Weinberger, who would later lead the Defense Department under Ronald Reagan.
The Truth About Title IX Karen Blumenthal June 21, 2012

Defense Secretary Caspar Weinberger convinced Reagan to renege on his support for these cuts, so they never happened.
Reagan’s Deal With Democrats for Tax Increases Paired With Spending Cuts Is a Myth John M. Barry December 4, 2012

Caspar Weinberger, an old Nixon friend who was then director of the Office of Management and Budget, was the other invitee.
My Sober Celebration With Nixon Peter G. Peterson June 11, 2009

Historical Examples

There is no great difference between them in point of size, though Caspar is two years the younger.
The Plant Hunters Mayne Reid

Of course the botanist made no objection, and Caspar was delighted with the idea.
The Plant Hunters Mayne Reid

The satisfaction poor Caspar exhibited was, however, small; he sat very upright, gazing at her.
The Portrait of a Lady Henry James

On hearing this, both Karl and Caspar were more contented with what they had done.
The Plant Hunters Mayne Reid

That Caspar Brooke—his friend, his mentor, almost his hero—should not have been able to live with his wife was bad enough!
Brooke’s Daughter Adeline Sergeant

Caspar uttered a cry that awoke both of his companions on the instant.
The Plant Hunters Mayne Reid

Perhaps no character ever aroused greater interest than Caspar Hauser.
Introduction to the Science of Sociology Robert E. Park

(in Christian tradition) one of the Magi, the other two being Melchior and Balthazar


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