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Lewis, 1782–1866, U.S. statesman.
a male or female given name.
Contemporary Examples

“Right now the family is in mourning,” Cass’s grandfather, Walter Laro, told the AP.
Child’s Death Stuns Remote Town Diane Herbst August 2, 2011

All the while, pro-gun groups continue to urge their supporters to call their senators and stop Cass Sunstein.
How Rumors Rule Washington Amanda Ripley August 7, 2009

It is a suspicious death, she says, “based on a visual observation of Miss Cass’s body, in the water and out of the water.”
Child’s Death Stuns Remote Town Diane Herbst August 2, 2011

The “culprits” in the appropriation of my discipline are two of my best friends, Richard Thaler and Cass Sunstein.
Daniel Kahneman’s Gripe With Behavioral Economics Jesse Singal April 25, 2013

Those experiences provided crucial elements in the life of Cass Seltzer, main character in 36 Arguments.
Atheism’s Soulful Philosopher John Douglas Marshall February 1, 2010

Historical Examples

For a long and eventful era Gen. Cass has presided as an umpire between the Indian tribes and the citizens.
Personal Memoirs Of A Residence Of Thirty Years With The Indian Tribes On The American Frontiers Henry Rowe Schoolcraft

Like most of his fellow gold-seekers, Cass was superstitious.
Found At Blazing Star Bret Harte

Cass was loyal to the administration, Benton helpful but domineering, and Calhoun unfriendly.
The War With Mexico, Volume II (of 2) Justin H. Smith

“No,” said Cass, hurriedly, with a crimson face and a sense of gratuitous rudeness.
Found At Blazing Star Bret Harte

Cass sat and stared at the strange man who said these things out of silly expressionless eyes that were blurred full of tears.
Thoroughbreds W. A. Fraser



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