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a twill-weave, worsted suiting fabric, often with a striped pattern.
Historical Examples

Trousers—Dark narrow grey or light stripe worsted or cassimere.
The Copeland Method Vanness Copeland

Trousers—To match coat, or striped worsted or cassimere with morning coat.
The Copeland Method Vanness Copeland

Three years later, the price of a yard of cassimere in America was $300, and of a yard of jean and habit cloth $60.
Benjamin Franklin; Self-Revealed, Volume II (of 2) Wiliam Cabell Bruce

One of the pieces of cassimere was dyed with a claret tinge, from which I had my first Sunday suit.
Charles Carleton Coffin William Elliot Griffis, D. D.

a woollen suiting cloth of plain or twill weave


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