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Cast aspersions


to make damaging or spiteful remarks

I did not intend to cast aspersions on his character.
Word Origin

1749; Henry Fielding in “Tom Jones”
Contemporary Examples

There are a helluva lot of reasons to cast aspersions on Mumford & Sons.
Mumford & Sons Rock Brooklyn’s Barclays Center Marlow Stern February 6, 2013

Historical Examples

Paddy cast aspersions on this effort, but Don was always very proud of it.
For the Honor of the School Ralph Henry Barbour

Do you need more than that, you, who cast aspersions on the courage of others?
The Secret of the Silver Car Wyndham Martyn

Don’t think to bully me or cast aspersions on my political complexion!
The Little Red Foot Robert W. Chambers

Our counsel’s business was to uphold the will, not to cast aspersions upon it.
Miss Cayley’s Adventures Grant Allen

Would you cast aspersions upon a person’s character and treat the matter so lightly?
The Hindered Hand Sutton E. Griggs

She had not only deserted him, but she had cast aspersions upon his character.
Settling Day Nat Gould

Nobody could cast aspersions against her intelligence, either.
Molly Brown’s Senior Days Nell Speed

Your officer has no right to cast aspersions on the New Army, and to conduct his work in a manner calculated to stir hostility.
John Brown Captain R. W. Campbell

It is true that in the early days of the War some sensation-mongers tried to cast aspersions on the Jews.
The Allied Countries and the Jews Hyman Gerson Enelow


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